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Nuapada turns death cell in summer,demand for life posed threat

 Nuapada turns death cell in summer,demand for life posed threat
WATER Crisis in Nuapada
Bhubaneswar: 07/03/2014    OBBNuapada turns death cell in summer,demand for life posed threat. Nuapada district is positioned in heat zone in summer and most of the water reservoirs are in dry condition and since the villages are scattered in different hilly patches and since the water sources are mostly dried ,the area become a death cell for the  inhabitants and apart from other necessities ,the drinking water is the basic need which is not being sorted out in spite of long standing demand.Sense of zero tolerance prevails over the inhabitants and therefore ,taking exception to the apathy of the administration ,the locals have staked their demand before the district Administration ,in the event ,at the minimum the drinking water as a life taking measure is not effective taken care of as their constitutional right for life ,they will remain distanced from the process of election ,and the feeling being headless  be their ultimate choice which pursue their sense of part performance of responsibility  not to cast their vote both in Lok Shabha and Assembly poll to elect persons of ineffective value -added composition.
The inhabitants  of Nuapada have threatened their collector  demanding  drinking water before 21, march or else no voting could be possible in the ensuing  Lok Sabha and Assembly polls. Nuapada which is consisted with small number of several villages and around 900 villagers only from the Dhingiamunda area. The villager moves to their local District Collector Jaya Kumar and put their problems.
                      In addition to this the villagers gave letter to the collector regarding the piped water supply to Champali, Hatibedhy and Gibhimunda villagers from the Gidhmal River.

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