Tuesday, 11 March 2014

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Srikant ,Hero by Mistake sailing congress towards its ruin
Congress|Odisha|Srikant|Bijoy|Bhupindar |Naveen|BJD|odishabulletin
Bhubaneswar: Congress Party in Odisha suffers from personality factors .question haunts ,who can give a lead  as that of Janaki Balhav Patnaik or Niranjan or Bhupindar Singh and the like .One must posses the same wavelength compared with  the leading political leadership of Naveen Patnaik ;but Srikant Jena who has become hero but by mistakes, takes his political sword to fight with Naveen,a potential leader of the state, a day dream political analysts comment .
Back to Srikant Jena there lies stories qualified with his records spent ; and could be said being a  Sasimira; and his exit from Biju club joining congress provides lot of speculative stories .However, Srikant Jena ,a Hero by mistakes and congress leadership banks on him  marching over lot many top brass like Niranjan Patnaik, Bhupindar Singh and the like .Time will speak and no chance for congress to remain a match nor a threat to Naveen, BJD supremo.
Odisha leaders in BJD once felt burdened with the Teen Murti combination,Srikant,Nalini and Bijoy and the impetuous leadership enjoyed by the trio faded in processing of time factors ,Srikant Jena acted the role of being Sasimira and left Biju Patnaik ,his political father ,Nalini Mohanty being ill-reputed thrown out and so also Bijay Mohapatra .The Teen Murti Combination was the outcome of the blessings of the legend Biju Patnaik .From scratch they were lifted to the heroic position in the political field ,but all proved to be negatived to the quality of the legendary personality of Biju Patnaik who had shaped Odisha in his heart and mind.
Now both the leaders ,Srinkant Jena in congress and Bijay Mohapatra in BJP, sailing the sinking the boats.

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