Monday, 27 July 2015

Chairman Bar Council of India creeps into dispute

Chairman Bar Council of India creeps into dispute Bar Council Meet

Lawyers Meet 2015
Chennai: 27.07.2015.Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra,Sr.Advocate crowned as the Chairman of Bar Council of India has a made a public statement  in Lawyers' Meet 2015 at Chennai that 30% of lawyers are fake degree holders. Question comes,if the Chairman BCI has made a study as to the quality of lawyers from the score of their kind of degree obtained ,he is under the obligation of his position to at least initiate action oriented proceedings to dispense with those lawyers first and thereafter such public statement .Secondly, he might have been the product of those advocate and in the meanwhile some of the advocates of fake degree holder might have been party to many judicial pronouncements .Horrible is the situation when such serious allegation is emerging from the guardian of the lawyers community; and irresponsible is the statement not being supported by the arithmetic ,lawyers comment.The Chairman,BCI appears to have identified himself with the side of BJP for which a public mileage being the need of the situation, such remark on the community he belongs may  be the consequence, heavily commented by the lawyers in Orissa High Court.