Monday, 27 July 2015

Chairman Bar Council of India creeps into dispute

Chairman Bar Council of India creeps into dispute Bar Council Meet

Lawyers Meet 2015
Chennai: 27.07.2015.Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra,Sr.Advocate crowned as the Chairman of Bar Council of India has a made a public statement  in Lawyers' Meet 2015 at Chennai that 30% of lawyers are fake degree holders. Question comes,if the Chairman BCI has made a study as to the quality of lawyers from the score of their kind of degree obtained ,he is under the obligation of his position to at least initiate action oriented proceedings to dispense with those lawyers first and thereafter such public statement .Secondly, he might have been the product of those advocate and in the meanwhile some of the advocates of fake degree holder might have been party to many judicial pronouncements .Horrible is the situation when such serious allegation is emerging from the guardian of the lawyers community; and irresponsible is the statement not being supported by the arithmetic ,lawyers comment.The Chairman,BCI appears to have identified himself with the side of BJP for which a public mileage being the need of the situation, such remark on the community he belongs may  be the consequence, heavily commented by the lawyers in Orissa High Court.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wild life conservation a mockery | Odisha Animals| Chandaka remains as

wild life
BHUBANESWAR: Wild life conservation a mockery | Odisha Animals| Chandaka remains as victim .Summer in Odisha soaring up.Animals are unrest .Added to this, the denuding  of forest rest place has posed thundering threat for the conservation of wild life and more like making the wild animals more wild than before .Point to the matter is thinkable and schematic approach is the need ;but the irony is that the region of Chandaka is spread over 193 sq km area, the sanctuary boasts of 23 water bodies. Deras and Jhumka reservoirs are spread over 10 acre. Despite the water bodies developed in the area and despite recurring expenditure for renovation ,scarcity of water is now keenly felt in order to  use the water tankers and that would be the way left out to quench the thirst of the animals roaming around .Fact remains and the study says ,Govt in its modernity mainly under the administration of Babus remains blind unless hit upon .Glance be given to the Deer Park in Cuttack ,even a small leaf is more precious   than anything else for the lovable deer.No water ,the small clay carpet for the deer is so unhygienic that has been made a recurring cause of death cell for the animals ,but it being the govt ,no offence is created unlike private nurturing .Curative law in the alternative to afford nurturing care to animals with certain limitations under Wild Life Conservation Act  ought to be made wide open in the benefit of animals to convert wilderness into human culture and that's the go of the nature, we live in.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented

Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented

Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented 

Bhubaneswar: Congress debacle in Odisha unprecedented .Murmuring voice coming all around how is congress and how is it pulling ? Sea Change, in fact that holds organisational revamping being the sole reason for such unprecedented down fall unlike the days faced by late Indira Gandhi .In past ,congress has seen many ups and downs but in measured track and the founder members were never ignored .The persons those who have been standing as pillars for congress, may he be Dr.J.B.Patnaik, Niranjan Patnaik,Nilu Mohapatra, Hemananda Biswal and above all K.C Lenka are at a bay ;and Srikant Jena attaining the status of being an adopted Me member/congress plays the role when he is himself positioned  in-secured in front Rabindra Kumar Jena of Balasore .
In our survey,Srikant Jena has always been hero in election fray but by mistake and this time he has a tough time to face with Rabindra Kumar Jena .Srikant Jena has made his career in cultivating politics as his profession and out of his maneuvering skills he could able to make out a business netting across the country though his family members ;back to Rabindra Kumar Jena ,he belongs to a political family and his paternal uncle was a three time MLA and former MP and former President of Congress Party ,and on the other his father who has architected Rabindra Kumar Jena being an engineer of repute and scholar of the country ,no less and important person ,his vision is merely carried by Rabindra .
an engineer of repute in in high income group become agreeable to join politics when when rumor went around ,Srikant Jena ,may he be an outsider but he will march over Balasore talents and the persons in Balasore today may not gather the strength to fight with. These words have apparently wounded Mr.Ranbindra Jena and then firm decision -Yes I will join politics ,enough is enough ,I earned at least to feed my children ;and jouney started .Promising character and flawless conduct has become the conduit to carry Rabi Babu to Naveen and now a foreign educated and a revolutionary personality in business world landed up in politics ; and this is the concept he has attained from European countries .Saturation once met join the people and serve rest of the life and die happily .with this flagship Rabindra Kumar Jena ,in election fray and the respect and welcoming attitude he saw from the people ,he appears to have forgotten the torching summer.
Odisha congress is led to bay of Bengal by Srikant & his close aide Jayadev&are sinking along with their supremo Sonia  ,no way out to save congress in Odisha congrees debacle|odisha

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Soaring summer puts Kids under cool carpet

Soaring summer puts Kids under cool carpet

Soaring SummerBangalore: 03/04/2014:  OBB: Rosy Mohanty: In summer many parts of the country,soaring up, outside is the teasing, inside is the cool,power failure! hell of it. For the kids in Bangalore, it’s a kind of Enjoying Summer Baths in the swimming pools of the Apartment .Schools are closed .Kids have no task for escape.Parents fade up with the noisy shouts  of the kids,trying  to locate  an exit to escape;in search,Swimming Pool is the safest escape,may it be Shova or else .Time consuming lies in the swimming and so also attached with curiosity and enjoyment.
Soaring Summer
Swimming is one of the best activities that you can perform for overall physical fitness. First, swimming involves almost all of your major muscle groups. For example, the standard crawl stroke uses the neck, shoulder, chest, back, triceps, and biceps muscles of the upper body, the abdominal, low back, and oblique muscles of the midsection, and the gluteal, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles of the legs.
Second, swimming is an excellent exercise for conditioning your cardiovascular system. Although you won't go as far in a 20-minute swim as you will during 20 minutes of walking, running, or cycling, the cardiovascular benefits are essentially the same.Soaring Summer
Third, swimming seems to enhance joint flexibility, especially in the neck, shoulders, hips, and midsection area. Much of this is due to the repetitive twisting movements as your body turns from side to side during the crawl stroke.
Of course, exercising in water is a totally different experience than land-based activity. For one thing, swimming requires a horizontal body position, that places less stress on your heart with respect to blood circulation. The gentle pressure of the water against your skin also enhances blood circulation.
Because water is an isokinetic medium, the resistance varies in proportion to your muscle force. That is, when you give low muscle force against the water you encounter relatively low resistance from the water, and when you give high muscle force against the water you receive relatively high resistance from the water.Soaring Summer
Another advantage of aquatic exercise is the cooling effect of the water. Unlike hot weather activity on land, you are unlikely to overheat when swimming. What could be better than a cool pool, lake or ocean in which to exercise on a hot summer day.
With so many reasons to enjoy swimming, why do so few adults spend time in the water? The major problem for some adults is lack of confidence in their swimming ability. This can be easily overcome by a few lessons or a refresher swimming course. However, I find that most adults do not understand how to swim long enough for fitness benefits. To make a land activity analogy, they start out running rather than walking. In other words, instead of starting with a slow swimming speed and gradually picking up the pace new swimmers tend to sprint a lap or two, exhausting themselves and ending their exercise session prematurely. By so doing, they miss both the enjoyment and the fitness benefit of this fine physical activity.
Although swimming is excellent exercise, it should be performed in a relaxed mannerYour arms and legs should feel loose and your movements should be balanced and coordinated. If you feel tight or tense, simply slow down and let the water work with you rather than against you. Because the water buoys up your body, you can swim very slowly and still maintain your top-of-the-water body position.
By the way, unless you want to swim competitively, do not compare yourself with other swimmers. Bodybuild plays a major role in swimming speed, but it has little effect on your fitness outcome. For example, people who are wide from side to side and thin from front to back seem to skim over the water surface like a surfboard. On the other hand, people who are narrow from side to side and thick from front to back encounter much more water resistance and must work much harder at a given swimming pace. The solution is to swim for yourself at a comfortable speed, and let the faster swimmers use the high speed lanes.
As an aerobic conditioning activity, you should aim for at least 20 minutes of continuous swimming. However, until you develop sufficient cardiovascular endurance, you may vary the pace throughout your 20-minute swimming session. Consider the following training progression for beginning a fitness-oriented swimming program. For best results, stay within the guidelines that gradually increase the swimming distance and the number of faster-paced laps.
Swimming has been a sport at every modern Summer Olympics. It has been open to women since 1912. Along with track & fieldathletics and gymnastics it is one of the most popular spectator sports at the Games and the one with the second largest number of events (after Athletics).

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Congress|Odisha|Srikant|Bijoy|Bhupindar |Naveen|BJD|odishabulletin

[author image="" ]News Correspondent :The Odisha Bulletin[/author]
Srikant ,Hero by Mistake sailing congress towards its ruin
Congress|Odisha|Srikant|Bijoy|Bhupindar |Naveen|BJD|odishabulletin
Bhubaneswar: Congress Party in Odisha suffers from personality factors .question haunts ,who can give a lead  as that of Janaki Balhav Patnaik or Niranjan or Bhupindar Singh and the like .One must posses the same wavelength compared with  the leading political leadership of Naveen Patnaik ;but Srikant Jena who has become hero but by mistakes, takes his political sword to fight with Naveen,a potential leader of the state, a day dream political analysts comment .
Back to Srikant Jena there lies stories qualified with his records spent ; and could be said being a  Sasimira; and his exit from Biju club joining congress provides lot of speculative stories .However, Srikant Jena ,a Hero by mistakes and congress leadership banks on him  marching over lot many top brass like Niranjan Patnaik, Bhupindar Singh and the like .Time will speak and no chance for congress to remain a match nor a threat to Naveen, BJD supremo.
Odisha leaders in BJD once felt burdened with the Teen Murti combination,Srikant,Nalini and Bijoy and the impetuous leadership enjoyed by the trio faded in processing of time factors ,Srikant Jena acted the role of being Sasimira and left Biju Patnaik ,his political father ,Nalini Mohanty being ill-reputed thrown out and so also Bijay Mohapatra .The Teen Murti Combination was the outcome of the blessings of the legend Biju Patnaik .From scratch they were lifted to the heroic position in the political field ,but all proved to be negatived to the quality of the legendary personality of Biju Patnaik who had shaped Odisha in his heart and mind.
Now both the leaders ,Srinkant Jena in congress and Bijay Mohapatra in BJP, sailing the sinking the boats.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Girish S.N, I.A.S assumes the power of being a self style Judge of High Court

Girish S.N, I.A.S assumes the power of being a self style Judge of High Court

Girish S.N,I.A.SCuttack:08.12.2014:OBB:Abdus Shamim :
odishabulletin correspondent
Girish S.N, I.A.S assumes the power of being a self style Judge of High Court.I.A.S babu in Odisha believe more in their personal assistance from P.A or a coterie .But Girish S.N ,I.A.S appears to be  one among the fortunate officers in the cadre who managed to be maneuvered his posting in and around Cuttack and Angul .
Girish S.N being an I.A.S does believe and depend upon his sub-ordinates  to prepare his drafting ,may it be of his quashi judicial work or administration; and he appears to enjoy the glamorous moment in an evacuating state of mind, persons in the corridor of Cuttack Collectorate comment.
Instance is such ,in the appointment of Asha and Asha Sathi under Janai Suraksha Yojan,the District Collector does not acquire any statutory role other than district supervisory head ;but when a matter came before Hon'ble High Court of Orissa in W.P.(C) no.10970/2013 ,the Hon'ble Bench in the stage of admission of the case ,directed the Collector ,Cuttack to examine the matter strictly in accordance with law adhering to the basic principle of natural justice and upon being so directed ,the Collector ,Cuttack Mr.Girish S.N having not examined the provision of law for his limited role in the case referred to nor having given weightage to the party at whom his sword is aiming at has constituted a court in judicial site and by means of his supervisory sword  ,he appears to have acted as if holding a writ court of higher judiciary and while disposing of the case referred to has worded his disposal of the case comparing himself with the judges of high court ,quoting the same ,it conclude as ,"Taking into account  the case story ,examination,cross-examination the petitioner,O.P-5 and Medical Officer I am of the opinion that the case of the Op.5 for selection of Asha as well as Asha Sathi is liable to be quashed."
In the given case ,the direction by the Hon'ble high court has not empowered the collector to constitute a Court with judicial process ,only an action under his supervisory capacity was therein contemplated; but the Collector wild in power searching has assumed himself as a Judge and taken up the issue under reference as if a court having jurisdiction and thereby quashed the appointment of a party who has been taken into role of the Govt 8 years back and she not being declared as selected for Asha Sathi has also quashed her anticipated selection for Asha Sathi.
More particularly,the Collector has dared passing his questionable order of Quashing marching over to  directions of the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa passed in W.P.(C) no. 22525/2013 dtd 24.01.2014 and 2850/2014  dtd 13.02.2014.
The attempt of the Collector,Cuttack ,Girish S.N is nothing but encroaching upon the domain of judicial forum and the given case is a glaring example which not only shows the inefficiency of the collector but shows his impetuous conduct to over reach the orders of the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa and thereby an action under Contempt of Courts Act is contemplated,legal experts suggest.

Nuapada turns death cell in summer,demand for life posed threat

 Nuapada turns death cell in summer,demand for life posed threat
WATER Crisis in Nuapada
Bhubaneswar: 07/03/2014    OBBNuapada turns death cell in summer,demand for life posed threat. Nuapada district is positioned in heat zone in summer and most of the water reservoirs are in dry condition and since the villages are scattered in different hilly patches and since the water sources are mostly dried ,the area become a death cell for the  inhabitants and apart from other necessities ,the drinking water is the basic need which is not being sorted out in spite of long standing demand.Sense of zero tolerance prevails over the inhabitants and therefore ,taking exception to the apathy of the administration ,the locals have staked their demand before the district Administration ,in the event ,at the minimum the drinking water as a life taking measure is not effective taken care of as their constitutional right for life ,they will remain distanced from the process of election ,and the feeling being headless  be their ultimate choice which pursue their sense of part performance of responsibility  not to cast their vote both in Lok Shabha and Assembly poll to elect persons of ineffective value -added composition.
The inhabitants  of Nuapada have threatened their collector  demanding  drinking water before 21, march or else no voting could be possible in the ensuing  Lok Sabha and Assembly polls. Nuapada which is consisted with small number of several villages and around 900 villagers only from the Dhingiamunda area. The villager moves to their local District Collector Jaya Kumar and put their problems.
                      In addition to this the villagers gave letter to the collector regarding the piped water supply to Champali, Hatibedhy and Gibhimunda villagers from the Gidhmal River.