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Supreme Court statement not to include Fatwa as legal law and it’ll remain as supreme judgment to Muslims only.

Supreme Court statement not to include Fatwa as legal law and it’ll remain as supreme judgment to Muslims only.

New Delhi:26/02/2014: OBB: Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed that the unfavourable concept of fatwa to citizen (indiviual) which ever put by muslim authorities as judgment on perticular person’s activity, it reamins as law according to Islam and it’s follower. And conpect of Fatwa is different from Law of Indian constitution. As a secular country Supreme court will not interact the law of Islam, and It’ll remain supreme judgment to muslims according to Islam.
It ‘ll be religious judgments allways. Therefor Fatwa had no sanction in law.
What is FATWA?
A fatwā (Arabic: فتوى‎; plural fatāwā Arabic: فتاوى‎) in the Islamic faith is the term for the legal judgment or learned interpretation that a qualified jurist or mufti can give on issues pertaining to the Islamic law. The person who issues a fatwā is called, in that respect, a Mufti, i.e. an issuer of fatwā, from the verb أَفْتَى ‘aftā = “he gave a formal legal opinion on”. This is not necessarily a formal position since most Muslims argue that anyone trained in Islamic law may give an opinion (fatwā) on its teachings. If a fatwā does not break new ground, then it is simply called a ruling.
An analogy might be made to the issue of legal opinions from courts in common-law systems. Fatwās generally contain the details of the scholar’s reasoning, typically in response to a particular case, and are considered binding precedent by those Muslims who have bound themselves to that scholar, including future muftis; mere rulings can be compared to memorandum opinions. The primary difference between common-law opinions and fatwās, however, is that fatwās are not universally binding; as sharia law is not universally consistent and Islam is very non-hierarchical in structure, fatwās do not carry the sort of weight that secular common-law opinions do.                                “source- internet”

Chairman CAT Mr.Justice Sayed Rafat Alam visits Odisha

Chairman CAT Mr.Justice Sayed Rafat Alam visits Odisha

Chairman CAT visit odisha

Chairman CAT visits Odisha

Bhubaneswar :28.02.2014: Asraf A. Gazi (OBB):Chairman CAT Mr.Justice Sayed Rafat Alam visits Odisha: Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sayed  Rafat Alam, Chairman of Central Administration Tribunal,(CAT) Principal Bench, New Delhi is scheduled to visit state of odisha on 28/02/2014; and on 1st March, in his maiden out-door sight -seeing,  he  will preferably visit Chilika, Nalabana  and Kalijai  and  on 2nd march for  Konark and Nandankanan and has his further plan to have a courtesy  meeting with  Hon’ble   Chief Justice of Orissa High Court  Mr .Justice Adarsh  Kumar  Goel at Chief Justice’s  Bungalow, Cantonment Road, Cuttack and on 3rd March, Chairman will visit Central Administrative Tribunal,Cuttack Bench  and give a brief address to the members of CAT Bar Association.
Chairman Mr.Justice Sayed Rafat Alam  was elevated to the bench of Patna High Court in the year 1983 and then on being transferred to Allahabad High Court,he became Acting Chief Justice  and finally he was elevated to the post of Chief Justice of M.P  in 2009 and then to Allahabad High Court 2011 and after his retirement he was posted in such pivotal post like Chairman CAT in 2012 .

Shiv Ratri Jagar Puja in Odisha

Shiv Ratri Jagar Puja in Odisha

shiv ratri

Shiv Ratri in Cuttack

Shiva means the auspicious one-is also known as Permaswara, Mahadev, Bholenath. He is the one of the three most influential denomination in Hinduism. Maha ShivaRatri is associated with marriage of shiv and Shakti.
shiv ratriThis is the temple of Maa Bhuasuni Shivpitt in Cuttack.It is frequented by hundred odds devotees on this auspicious day Shiv Ratri. There is a huge rush of devotees since early morning to offer prayers, flowers and foods with many wishes in their mind. They hope by offering flower garlands and different types of Bhog, God Shiva will definitely listen to their prayer. Many devotees have observed fast which is in accordance with Hindu belief. Devotees will remain awake late into the night singing hymns and praying to seek Lord Shiva’s blessing.

C.B.I chargesheet on Itishree murder

Rayagada :26/02/2014: OBB: Persons privileged with position tends to commit classified and privileged offence like rape,fraud,embezzling funds indulging in corrupt activities under the carpet. Itishree murder is nothing but an offshoot of such privileged position.The police officer privileged with his position took up the offensive mode like cat’s milk testing inside the pot.Itishree is killed and numerous girls and women are still under the threat from such privileged persons.Privileged is he who does certain work preferably to save the human against illegality like lawyers files a case to save a person protecting his or her rights.So a lady client affected with problems becomes victims to the lawyers at times so also to the judges and police officers.Glaring instances could be borrowed from the case of Manu Singh Shingvi  with his lady junior, justice Ashok Kr. Ganguly with his lawinturn, Tarun Tejpal with his lady colleague associates,Asharam Bapu with lady disciple and the like.
Demanding CBI probe into Itishree Pradhan’s murder case, the members of Nari Nirjyatana Birodhi Abhijan staged demonstration.The state assured regarding to that,women are insecure.insecure. Itishree has already revealed that she wouldn’t withdraw the harassment complaint.In addition to this matter also extended to all the high officials including Chief Minister.But simultaneously it was pertinent that no step was taken yet.

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BJP has many faces in vote trading

BJP has many facesBJP has many faces in vote trading 

Many faces in BJP

Cuttack: OBB: BJP has many faces/Many faces in BJP. Ethics was at times assets of BJP led by Atal Bihari Bajpayee or Lalkrishan Advani ;but today there has been sea-change in its structure .No doubt Narendra Modi is an asset for the BJP but who is in his company to usher the path for progress when most of the stamped BJP leaders in Odisha are some way or other visited with some scam,may it be abusing discretionary quota or enjoying dance in new years romantic party or having bed with loved one in Govt privileged accommodation.Visionary Modi is grilled by serpents with venom ,survey suggests. Rajnath was managed and gradually all the leaders leaned to Modi what would be the possible magic to leave the berth of ethics and strong man like Lalkrishna Advani !!! Today ,Rajnath pleads his guilty and asked for excuses from Muslims those who have been treated as their arch rivals ,quite funny to think about.Only election  threat on head made BJP leader Rajnath asking for excuses from Muslims
Back to Odisha ,Sameer Dey has always been headache for Naveen ,but no chance to pin down because Advani saheb compromised with ethics and accepted Sameer being the patron of BJP from Odisha circle .To the utter bad luck of the city of Cuttack ,Sameer was then the Urban Minister and by creating temptation in among the judges of Orissa high Court and in bureaucracy in among IAS and IPS officers ,he had indiscriminately allotted land out of his discretionary quota having his hidden agenda to swallow up entire prime land in CDA,no body could then understand his motive behind and each named VIPs enjoyed their respective chunk of share in the illegal allotment of land in Cuttack Development Authority and so also in Bhubaneswar Development Authority .Next to him ,Kanak Vardhan Singhdeo had equally distributed the land as if his own property ,but thanks God ,nothing happened , because judges of Orissa high Court ,IAS and IPS officers of top brass category are in the row of such land abuse corruption.
Hue and cry floated through national media ,being afraid of Naveen's action ,Minister Arukh had however returned one of his plots whereas all other recipients having developed thick skin are still watching what's going on; and  such questionable issue is moving like pendulum .Let's see where it ends !
Summing up the political scene,Odisha is never safe in the hands of all these BJP leaders regardless the leading leadership of Narendra Modi.And no match for Naveen's leadership at all.Politics is a passion for Naveen whereas its a profession/business for Modi or rest of the leaders in the team.
Let's think of a moment ,what Naveen shares ,only the smile in the lips of oriyas ,nothing else and that being sole desire of Biju Patnaik ,Odisha continues in the safest custody of Naveen's Govt ,viewed by many of our viewers.
It's a grace for Sameer and Kanak ,they are not yet fixed in criminal accusation for their indiscriminately distributing the land of the people among the limited few by sheer abuse of power and authority bestowed upon.It's an injustice by Naveen by screening the offenders .Hence still demands mounting for an investigation as to how the lands in Cuttack Development Authority and Bhubaneswar Development Authority have been segregated to the selected few.
Tactic of Odisha BJP leaders: in the year 1977,the legend of Odisha Sri Biju Patnaik having lost his financial capability being sandwiched in his recurring failure in politics ,had devised his scheme to reach the people and thereby collection of funds for the party was sincerly thought of and mainly with Sarat Kr.Kar he had traveled each corner of the state tirelessly and became one among the common man and then he became really recognized and shined up like jewels what he really was and today ,the legacy is appropriately given to one safest custody who is nonetheless but and indifferent personality like Naveen Patnaik and in the game of being toyed with greedy political giants ,he has developed his passion for Odisha like his field  of Karma and passionately to the best of his ability doing the best by removing the  weeds from the holy path of administration which was never experienced earlier .
But Odisha leaders in BJP being the laughing stock have adopted the method of novel begging of alms and votes BJP has many faces trying to exploit the innocence of odia voters .BJP ruled this country for quite a long tenure spreading in many states and each leaders like Sameer Dey,Manmohan Samal, Juel Oram,the self styled saviour of scheduled tribes and Debendra Pradhan  , have become rich beyond their ability even in normal life ,but engaged in begging !Quite shocking and disgusting .Let's people to decide.bjp has many faces
But our survey says,Odisha goes to Naveen regardless of any change in center or in any other states .Status quo remains and will continue till Naveen Patnaik ,the charismatic Chief minister of the state decides.
At times ,many unwanted personalities and criminals are found to have manged their corridor to Naveen ,but by gods grace,nabbed midway and eliminated right at the moment before doing harm to the state .
Although Ranendra Pratap Swain has promoted politicians like Sarapanch of Khuntuakata Rakesh Naik and managedrakesk nayak copyhim to sit with Naveen Patnaik even with star campaigner like Anubhav Mohanty ,that has not lasted long and Raja Swain caught red handed and such result Mr. Swain has received in the Cuttack Municipal election when his nephew has received his shameful defeat .

Friday, 14 February 2014

Miss Arati Devi meets Chief Minister Odisha

Miss Arati Devi meets Chief Minister Odisha 

Bhubaneswar :OBB:odishabulletin:Miss Arati Devi meets Chief Minister Odisha .Before leaving for USA ,Arati who now the pride of Odisha and more particularly for ladies joining politics met Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for blessings .Grass-root politics embodied with proper spirit aiming at the cause of people remains rewarded and a lady Sarpanch ,first of this example has set an inspiring spirit for the leaders in the country at her invitation to  attend Visitors International Leadership Programme in US being the invitees of President Barrack Obama .
Honesty and diligence has its own  reward .Regardless the  position in life,  Arati Devi, 28, a lady sarpanch in a remote village of the state has now been acknowledged being a leader in the international mirror -USA i.e International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP).She  happens to be  the youngest sarpanch  in the continent.As a was delighted when the US consulate general in Hyderabad told her that she was the only Indian selected for the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) on state and local governments for current and emerging leaders sponsored by the State Department.
Cheers and applause erupted in a small Odisha  village as the news arrived that its woman sarpanch will participate in a three-week international leadership programme in the US next month.
People made a beeline for her house at Dhunkapara – in Odisha’s Ganjam district – about 200 km from here, to congratulate her and many distributed sweets to celebrate Arati’s success.
“I was surprised when I got a call from the US consulate. They told me that my work impressed them  and they wanted me to participate in the programme,” a jubilant Arati told.
Arati will speak on state government functions, government transparency and accountability at the programme to be held at Springfield in Illinois.
Arati quit her job as an investment banker at IDBI bank to become a sarpanch, the elected head of a village-level statutory institution of local self-government, called a panchayat, in 2012.

Mayor of CMC & Baripada elected on the tacit verdict of BJD Supremo

cuttack C M C naba nirbachita coroporater o mayor anita behera nka sapth patha o sambardhana (3)

Mayor of CMC & Baripada elected on the tacit verdict of BJD Supremo

Cuttack: Mayor of CMC & Baripada elected on the tacit verdict of BJD Supremo Naveen Patnaik. So far as party system in India is concerned, no party President can afford to allow partymembers to monopolise their voting at the time certain important decisions and in simalar parlance Naveen Patnaik, Supremo of BJD appears to have acted tactfully in projecting appropriate personalities in the post of mayors both for Cuttack and Baripada. Unlike earlier process of selection, Naveen Patnaik is quite conscious of his unbiased decision and he is not in mood to create personality like another Pyari Babu in his decision making and as murmuring in political sphere the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is after good personalities for his party and the selection of Mayors is his choice but that has been mechanically processed under the guise of democracy and Anita Behera, Corporator of Ward no. 21 has come out successfully. Myaor CMC and Baripada elected
Myaor CMC and Baripada elected
Myaor CMC and Baripada elected

Rural Development Minister and Senior BJD leader Bikram Keshari Arukh who was once made the center of  attack for his owning plot in BDA under Discretionary Quota and returned the same as a disciplined party worker regardless of the fact that the judges of Orissa High Court similarly situated retains the illegal allotment as on date , has earlier forwarded the name of Anita Behara to party president Naveen Patnaik for his approval and after being consented by the Party President as a mark of hierarchical decision ,Anita is showered with joyful floral celebration for her being elected/selected as Mayaor of the biggest organisation like Cuttack Municipal corporation. Myaor CMC and Baripada elected
Myaor CMC and Baripada elected In a similar development, Babita Das, Corporator of Ward no. 25  of Baripada was elected unopposed as the Chairperson of Baripada Municipality. Civic poll in Baripada has totally gone to BJD with a sweeping wave taking 21 seats out of 28 .


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My Odisha shines regardless of its difficult hilly areas around :C.M

My Odisha shines regardless of its difficult  hilly areas around :C.M

my odisha shines
Bhubaneswar: 12.02.2014: OBB:Mrs.Nayana Mohanty:my odisha shines My Odisha shines regardless of its difficult  hilly areas around.Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik seems to be  complacent with the up-coming road convenience in Odisha routed through Odisha State Road Transport Corporation (OSRTC) which in particular has opened flagship of Hi-Tech buses for the passengers in rural and high terrain areas of the state.
Odisha is proud of Naveen Patnaik being its Chief  Minister mostly for ethical values ,Mr.R.K.Jena comments.Surat which Narendra Modi claims to be the shelter of Odisha people of Ganjam ,in particular is nothing but a dramatized hi-tech  emotional blackmail .Series of instances are there for oriya labourers being mercilessly treated and subjected to  exploitation alone; but Narendra Modi has never taken cognizance of all these issues nor even provided human sanitation .Self admiring Modi standing on hay- heap /heap of straws thrown speeches to Naveen who is nothing but a stainless person of the world .Politics is the profession of Modi who lives in ,but Politics is the passion of Naveen -difference lies between Naveen and Modi,a hi-tech self -admirer of the day.
my odisha shinesNaveen does not believe in speeches ,but in hard work with honesty.No matter ,if corrupt ,be punished may he be Bijaya Mohapatra ,Dillip Roy,Sriknat Jena ,Nalin Mohanty and above all Pyari Mohan Mohapatra .
Regardless of difficult situation in the state ,Naveen Patnaik,C.M  has visioned for a bright and balanced Odisha  in all respects ,may it be road or railway convenience.No area is being ignored and thus made accessible netting through OSRTC .
 For  purchasing  Hi-tech built up buses,the State Govt have funded Rs 8 crores whereas OSRTC has  its participation with Rs  17 crores from its own funds; but with regard to maintain strict transparency , Mr.Manoj Kumar Chhabra , I.P.S,Chairman -cum-Managing Director of OSRTC has set up quite a spotless mechanism by inviting intending companies of repute like Ashok Leyland and TATA Motors to quot their respective rates,not dealers and before deciding to purchase the same ,trial of the vehicles was checked up and having processed through the touch stone of flawless mechanism ,the deal is now finalised by purchasing 29 nos of Hi-tech built -up buses from the above two companies directly even at lowest negotiable price;and the inaugural function is thus scheduled to be carried forward tomorrow at 10 A.M at the holy touch of the Hon'ble chief Minister of Odisha
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Sri Naveen Patnaik will launch 29 nos of new Hi-Tech buses for better convenience of the passengers in rural and high terrain in presence of Sri Subrat Tarai, Minister Commerce & Transport, Sri Prasanna Kumar Patsani, Member of Parliament, Bhubaneswar, Sri Bijoy Kumar Mohanty, MLA,Bhubaneswar Center, Sri Ashok Chandra Panda, MLA, Bhubaneswar, Ekamra, Sri Bhagirathi Badajena, MLA, Bhubaneswar, North and Sri Ananta Narayan Jena, Mayor, Bhubaneswar at 10 AM on 13th February, 2014 in the campus of Paribahan Bhawan, AG Square, Bhubaneswar. After induction of these 29 buses the total strength of buses of OSRTC will reach 470.
 The OSRTC has its plan to launch further 1000 nos of buses within the  ensuing five years out of which 100 buses be brought on the roads within a year hence.

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 Auction

IPL 2014
IPL 2014 Auction
OBB: February 12, Bangalore: Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 Auction: The player auctioned for the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) with 512 players going under the hammer. But only 70 were sold with Yuvraj Singh ending up as the top-earner, bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore for a whopping Rs. 14 crore. Delhi Daredevils, who are building their team from a scratch, bought the most number of players (13), followed by Sunrisers Hyderabad (11) and Kings XI Punjab (10), Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders (8 each), Royal Challengers Bangalore (9), Rajasthan Royals (6), Mumbai Indians (5).
Catch the highlights of the IPL 2014 player auctions here.
Player NameCountryBase PricePrice PaidTeam
Matt HenryNew Zealand30,00,00030,00,000Chennai
Josh HazlewoodAustralia50,00,00050,00,000Mumbai
Tim SoutheeNew Zealand50,00,0001,20,00,000Jaipur
Jason HolderWest Indies50,00,00075,00,000Hyderabad
Ben HilfenhausAustralia1,00,00,0001,00,00,000Chennai
Kane RichardsonAustralia1,00,00,0001,00,00,000Jaipur
Ben CuttingAustralia50,00,00080,00,000Jaipur
James NeeshamNew Zealand30,00,0001,00,00,000Delhi
Venugopal RaoIndia30,00,00055,00,000Hyderabad
Samuel BadreeWest Indies30,00,00030,00,000Chennai
Parwinder AwanaIndia50,00,00065,00,000Mohali
Mohit SharmaIndia1,00,00,0002,00,00,000Chennai
Jaydev UnadkatIndia1,00,00,0002,80,00,000Delhi
Varun AaronIndia1,50,00,0002,00,00,000Banglore
Ashish NehraIndia2,00,00,0002,00,00,000Chennai
Lakshmipathy BalajiIndia50,00,0001,80,00,000Mohali
Nathan Coulter-NileAustralia1,00,00,0004,25,00,000Delhi
Moises HenriquesAustralia1,00,00,0001,00,00,000Hyderabad
Abhishek NayarIndia30,00,0001,00,00,000Jaipur
Corey AndersonNew Zealand1,00,00,0004,50,00,000Mumbai
Laxmi ShuklaIndia50,00,0001,50,00,000Delhi
Glenn MaxwellAustralia1,00,00,0006,00,00,000Mohali
Brendan TaylorZimbabwe30,00,00030,00,000Hyderabad
Saurabh TiwaryIndia50,00,00070,00,000Delhi
Nic MaddinsonAustralia50,00,00050,00,000Banglore
Wriddhiman SahaIndia1,00,00,0002,20,00,000Mohali
Jean-Paul DuminySouth Africa1,00,00,0002,20,00,000Delhi
Muttiah MuralitharanSri Lanka1,00,00,0001,00,00,000Banglore
Rahul SharmaIndia50,00,0001,90,00,000Delhi
Pragyan OjhaIndia2,00,00,0003,25,00,000Mumbai
Piyush ChawlaIndia50,00,0004,25,00,000Kolkata
Morne MorkelSouth Africa1,50,00,0002,80,00,000Kolkata
Ranganath Vinay KumarIndia1,50,00,0002,80,00,000Kolkata
Umesh YadavIndia1,00,00,0002,60,00,000Kolkata
Ravi RampaulWest Indies50,00,00090,00,000Banglore
Mohammad ShamiIndia1,00,00,0004,25,00,000Delhi
Ashok DindaIndia1,00,00,0001,50,00,000Banglore
Thisara PereraSri Lanka50,00,0001,60,00,000Mohali
Bhuvneshwar KumarIndia1,50,00,0004,25,00,000Hyderabad
Ishant SharmaIndia1,50,00,0002,60,00,000Hyderabad
Mitchell StarcAustralia2,00,00,0005,00,00,000Banglore
Shakib Al HasanBangladesh1,00,00,0002,80,00,000Kolkata
Irfan PathanIndia1,50,00,0002,40,00,000Hyderabad
Albie MorkelSouth Africa1,50,00,0002,40,00,000Banglore
Yusuf PathanIndia2,00,00,0003,25,00,000Kolkata
Steven SmithAustralia2,00,00,0004,00,00,000Jaipur
Parthiv PatelIndia1,00,00,0001,40,00,000Banglore
Quinton De KockSouth Africa1,00,00,0003,50,00,000Delhi
Dwayne SmithWest Indies1,50,00,0004,50,00,000Chennai
Manoj TiwaryIndia2,00,00,0002,80,00,000Delhi
Shaun MarshAustralia2,00,00,0002,20,00,000Mohali
Brad HodgeAustralia2,00,00,0002,40,00,000Jaipur
Robin UthappaIndia2,00,00,0005,00,00,000Kolkata
Cheteshwar PujaraIndia1,50,00,0001,90,00,000Mohali
Aaron FinchAustralia1,00,00,0004,00,00,000Hyderabad
Zaheer KhanIndia1,00,00,0002,60,00,000Mumbai
Amit MishraIndia2,00,00,0004,75,00,000Hyderabad
Dinesh KarthikIndia2,00,00,00012,50,00,000Delhi
Michael HusseyAustralia2,00,00,0005,00,00,000Mumbai
Brendon McCullumNew Zealand2,00,00,0003,25,00,000Chennai
Faf Du PlessisSouth Africa1,50,00,0004,75,00,000Chennai
Darren SammyWest Indies1,00,00,0003,50,00,000Hyderabad
George BaileyAustralia2,00,00,0003,25,00,000Mohali
Mitchell JohnsonAustralia2,00,00,0006,50,00,000Mohali
David WarnerAustralia1,50,00,0005,50,00,000Hyderabad
Virender SehwagIndia2,00,00,0003,20,00,000Mohali
Jacques KallisSouth Africa2,00,00,0005,50,00,000Kolkata
Yuvraj SinghIndia2,00,00,00014,00,00,000Banglore
Kevin PietersenEngland2,00,00,0009,00,00,000Delhi
Murali VijayIndia2,00,00,0005,00,00,000Delhi