Monday, 6 January 2014

BSD landed up for the Election fray:Srinivas Mohanty

Bhubaneswar: 05.01.2014 : OBB: biju sBSD landed up for the Election fray.In an exclusive interview by our bureau ,Srinivas Mohanty,Senior leader has effectively drawn up a brief appraisal of political atmosphere in Odisha and focused as to how people of such poor state are being constantly carried through illusion by the parties ruled the state over the years.
Looking at the unpleasant  state of affairs in the state and insecurity in the system ,Mr.Paramanda Jyotish in association with many of his even minded colleagues has crafted  Biju Swabhimna Dal popularly known as  BSD which stands being Biju Swabhiman Dal and has emerged as a political party in the state of Odisha with its very commitment to set up Biju Odisha and the dreams of the legendary personality to see a state shining has remarkably disappeared in the state under the ruling of BJD which stands for Biju Janata Dal. BJD has its elementary design to be one among the general public ,but the function of BJD under the leadership of Naveen Patnaik has become more like a Dal of bureaucrats of Babus instead of Janata or general public and the inefficiency in congress leadership and so also in BJP has been a cause of blessing for the Naveen regime in disguise.
Statistically ,naveenthe BJD under Naveen Patnaik has become a party of mixture meaning thereby that film actors and more likely persons those who have been carrying their livelihood ,may it be in film industry or in criminal dom as that of Ranedra Pratap Swain with Rakesh Naik ,a killer and under-world personality ,are being inducted into BJD throwing a horrifying ruling to the state and establish the power through muscle .rakesk nayak copyThe infamous Rakesh Naik close associate of BJD has won the election on gun point ;fact remains BJD captured the post and credit went to Naveen. The insight study will show how the people of Odisha are being blackmailed projecting personalities unfit for ruling over the state as a result ,the film actors and actress joining politics maintained a studied proxy politics and the power block thus focus on Naveen alone.Now see the fate .Naveen novice in politics and pioneer of proxy politics introduces a politics of prosy within himself and so also party.May he be Payari Babu(I.A.S retd) or Prasarna Acharya or Bijoy Patnaik,I.A.S(retd) and today Pandiyan ,I.A.S all this go to establish that the Chief Minister of this state is dependent on the limited few and whoever overreaches him gets crossed by another in succession .Only god will save this state from the tyranny of BJD and that being so ,BJD has emerged being a solution to demolish the proxy politics and to set up party which stands credited being a party by the people ,for the people and of the people.

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