Friday, 7 February 2014

Historical monuments will be protected from encroachment

Historical monuments will be protected from encroachment

historical monuments remains protected from encroachment

Bhubaneswar, 7th February, 2014:OBB(I&PR):
odisha bulletinAs per the observation of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on encroachment or unauthorized construction near centrally protected monuments Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi has written a letter to Chief Secretary, Government of Odisha. 78 nos of centrally protected monuments situated in Odisha which are governed under the ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains Act, 1958 and Rules 1959. It is mentioned that in case of any encroachment within the limit of protected monument or any unauthorized construction within the limit of prohibited area (100 meters zone from monument) or regulated area (further 200 meters zone from prohibited limit) demolition orders are issued by the Archaeological Survey of India requesting Collector & District magistrate to remove the said encroachment or illegal construction. The Parliamentary Standing Committee in its 192nd report has taken serious cognizance of the issue. In this context they have observed that encroachment or unauthorized construction would be removed. In this context Tourism Commissioner-cum-Secretary Sri Arabinda Kumar Padhi has issued letters for protection of historical monuments of Odisha requesting all collectors to look into the matter on the proposals forwarded by the Archaeological Survey of India, Bhubaneswar Circle for removal of encroachment from the centrally protected monuments situated within their jurisdiction, so that the monuments would be kept free from encroachment and presented to the public in their historic precinct.

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