Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wild life conservation a mockery | Odisha Animals| Chandaka remains as

wild life
BHUBANESWAR: Wild life conservation a mockery | Odisha Animals| Chandaka remains as victim .Summer in Odisha soaring up.Animals are unrest .Added to this, the denuding  of forest rest place has posed thundering threat for the conservation of wild life and more like making the wild animals more wild than before .Point to the matter is thinkable and schematic approach is the need ;but the irony is that the region of Chandaka is spread over 193 sq km area, the sanctuary boasts of 23 water bodies. Deras and Jhumka reservoirs are spread over 10 acre. Despite the water bodies developed in the area and despite recurring expenditure for renovation ,scarcity of water is now keenly felt in order to  use the water tankers and that would be the way left out to quench the thirst of the animals roaming around .Fact remains and the study says ,Govt in its modernity mainly under the administration of Babus remains blind unless hit upon .Glance be given to the Deer Park in Cuttack ,even a small leaf is more precious   than anything else for the lovable deer.No water ,the small clay carpet for the deer is so unhygienic that has been made a recurring cause of death cell for the animals ,but it being the govt ,no offence is created unlike private nurturing .Curative law in the alternative to afford nurturing care to animals with certain limitations under Wild Life Conservation Act  ought to be made wide open in the benefit of animals to convert wilderness into human culture and that's the go of the nature, we live in.

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